Casa Santa Giusta

Casa Santa Giusta - Bosa
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The very charming and comfortable little house is situated in the center of one of the most beautyful villages of Sardinia called Bosa. just next to the seaside. It has a parking space and a veranda where you can eat outside. Bosa is an absolutely adorable and pittoresque little town where you can at the same time enjoy the seaside. the country life the only real river of Sardinia. the archeology and the great food and the extraordinary wines of the island.Beautiful in the summertime. with it s most proper seawater in the whole of Italy Bosa is also the place to be out of the season.With it s soft climate and it s extraordinary flora it is the perfect place for long walks. birdwatching and other excursions which all together make it a lovely plce all around the year.It hosts in fact the biggest colony of grifoni. which are these huge vultures. but also a great variety of waterbirds that live along the river.Bosa is rich in traditions and one must attend to the carnival. the many religious festivities. but also it s many churches and archeological sites.For food and wine lovers Bosa offers the best Mediterranean lobster prepared with the famous sweet locally brewed Malvasia wine.
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08013 Bosa, Italia

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